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I love good movies and books. I love talking philosophy on life, death, perspective, and religion. I am a lucid dreamer and think my life wouldnt be complete without an adventure every night:) Zach is my whole life and I can't wait till we can add to our wonderful family:)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Everyone knew that the new English teacher was crazy. She was a heavier dark woman with bloodshot eyes and a weird almost animal way of naturally reacting. Something about her didn't even seem human. So when one day in class, she started us reading up on witchcraft and demons, no one was surprised.

Starring up at the projector in the already erie dark room I realized that she was breathing heavy and staring right at me, like an animal waiting to pounce. When she caught me looking back her eyes changed to a smile and she just continued staring.

When class was almost over she assigned us our homework, which was to read up on the current terrors of our neighborhood. Several children where currently missing between the ages of newborn to five, with an additional 4 murders of children in high school plus 2 adults. As she refreshed our memory of the details it seemed like she almost knew where they were and had to suppress it. Giving us a clue that she had already given us everything we needed to find them. I knew she was talking about the witchcraft.

On my way out of class she stopped me and said that there was a darkness that was going to take Eden, and that Eden was a threat to the darkness.

I met up with Zach and started walking home. I explained what she had said to me on the way out and Zach stopped dead, "Isn't Eden what Mckalle called herself when she went to class with you last week?". I started to panic and called my best friend Mckalle. She let me know she was fine and that I was taking that crazy lady too seriously. "Six people have already died within the last month! just stay home and keep out of trouble!" I couldn't help but yelling, I was so scared for her.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, I usually write about books that I've read or dreams and such but my interests kinda changes with the wind. "she goes where ever the wind takes her". Since I'm now a married woman I've begun to cook more and more. I just made the most delicious chicken pot pie! Zach and I had fun cutting stars out of it for added cutness:)

Anywho~ I've just started on my birthday cake! I just made the cakes and froze them and colored and homemade the fondant! So fun! Alyssa and Diana are amazing:)The whole cake making is just getting to be so exciting!

here are my adorable frozen cakes and...

here is my fondant! blue for the top tier and yellow for the bottom! I'm SO excited!