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I love good movies and books. I love talking philosophy on life, death, perspective, and religion. I am a lucid dreamer and think my life wouldnt be complete without an adventure every night:) Zach is my whole life and I can't wait till we can add to our wonderful family:)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It began with a windy but warm beautiful day at the beach with my family; crystal clear water and a bright blue sky. As the day evolved the wind picked up, not a lot, but enough that swimming wasn't quite as much fun. So, we headed back to the cabin where the rest of my relatives were staying.

When we got inside we started to make lunch when my cousin Coraline called me over to the pantry. She seems very anxious when I got there. She told me to look inside the pantry; at first I didn't notice anything askew but had a real weird feeling. I looked back at her confused and she rolled her eyes, "The door on the left side of the pantry Anee.... Have you ever noticed it there before?". The door was on the inside of the pantry. The door itself was made out of some type of dark stone and on the outside of the door were symbols. It was partly open revealing a sliver of dark orange light. She then explained to me that you read the riddle on the door and then the door opens all the way and shows you things. When I asked what it is it shows you she didn't really have an answer just that it is the most incredible thing and that it was hard to explain. I refused, I felt like the door was a suttle nightmare growing in the back of my mind waiting patiently to be released. She claimed that everyone in the family knew about it and it was rare that it would show itself and that it only happened very rarely. She couldn't talk me into it and when I told her a very blunt no she sneered and walked away.

I wandered off to ask the adults around what in the world this door meant. If it really had come specifically for me. If it just showed pictures or if I'd be sucked into a world unable to escape. All I knew for certain is that I was terrified of its motives and its capabilities. I asked a couple of my aunts and uncles and I got a strong, stay away from that door, it doesn't matter what it does or how it came to be. And always a yes I've been subject to it with fear bellowing out of them.

Then all of the sudden it hit me... I had seen that door before. When I was little my cousin Rachel brought me to that door and we stood together and said the rhyme. But I grew so terrified when the door started moving by itself that I ran.... ran and ran, as far away from that room as possible. And this unbearable buzzing had followed me out of the trauma. I remembered the sound so vividly. It was like thousands of horse flies were coming at your ears from every direction flapping their wings against your eardrums till you scream out in pain. Then it dawned on me, the noise... I heard it again... but at the same time it was still and not again. I almost cried. The sound had never left me I had just tuned it out for years. And here it was just as unbearable as always.

I ran to my mother to tell her what I had just discovered. I got to her and told her of my pain. She told me that she had also been called by the other side of the door and that when she finally gave in it was the most unrealistically disturbing thing that had ever happened and had left her soul bleeding and was to this day still trying to heal from the things it showed her. Then my uncle came running with tears in his eyes he cried, "Its taken Coraline and Brittany!". My father came over and put his hand on his shoulder, "We've all lived through it. It's never permanently taken any of us. They'll be alright." My uncle let out a sob then covered his face...

I knew the door was tempting me. I knew only I could save them.