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I love good movies and books. I love talking philosophy on life, death, perspective, and religion. I am a lucid dreamer and think my life wouldnt be complete without an adventure every night:) Zach is my whole life and I can't wait till we can add to our wonderful family:)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

always more and more .:*IDEAS*:.

To pass the time

What are the purpose of dreams? To uncover a lost truth deep inside you? To play out fears and loss? What about the little ones that are clear and perfect but no deep emotion is attached? Why have nonsense play away in your head all night? Well, last night was a nonsense dream.

My aunt and I were inside trying to find something to pass the time. She suggested a board game. I went over to the games and found a very interesting looking game. It had little packets of animals and plants that pertained to a certain region (IE. desert, ocean, forest.....). I choose the ocean and she chose a safari. The timer started and we started to put together our little landscapes (of course the ground immediately became the terrain we were looking for, in my case lots of sand and rocks. As I placed my little swimming creatures in the water they turned from a brittle looking plastic to the actual thing only very very miniature (my hammer head shark was about a fourth an inch long). As our little animals started coming to life it seemed awfully hard to keep them alive (and not running away). Finally the timer went off and we looked at our work. Well I looked at our work, my aunt seemed to have disappeared. I heard a knock at the door and ran to answer it. My mother stood soaking wet from the rain. Of course right when I let her in the power switched off and we stood awkwardly in the dark trying to find a light. The power came on after a minuet but we felt a little on edge b/c we weren't prepared for it to go out again. I showed her my little world and she slightly rolled her eyes and asked how I was going to clean that up. I kinda laughed b/c I hadn't the slightest idea.

As my mom dropped me off at work she reminded me that she would be back in the morning and to try and not fall asleep this time. Working a night shift was always difficult for me. I walked up to the old building the rain still pouring. I walked up to the floor and started to train my new apprentice. This was not the first training session I had gone through but it was always a little awkward. I explained that they could not let up their guard. They had to make sure all of the doors stayed locked and all the cupboards stayed locked and all of the creatures in the mansion stayed inside. It was my own little night in the museum. The biggest difference was that the mansion was haunted. Very haunted and the spirits that were resting during the day where actively possessing everything at night making quite the ruckus.

The rest of the dream was a door slamming thunder and lightning walking dolls experience. It was exciting scary and epic. I just don't remember all the details:).

Anyway, its random dreams like that, that are super vivid that make me wonder if I'm missing something.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dreams are an adventure

Family vacations were always something we looked forward too and we were doing something a lot more epic than usual. My dad had found a quiet town in southern Florida were we could just rent a house for a week for a very minimal price.
So, the first couple nights when we went down there were quiet relaxing days. Then things started to get weird. The kids got restless and we started playing games. Running games, hiding games, you know how kids are.
The townsfolk started to notice the energy we were stirring up and slowly started to leave. Not putting off vibes that they were annoyed but putting of vibes that they were scared what would happen if they stayed.
I brought it up that something didn't feel right and that we were vacationing in a ghost town. But my family thought I was just being eccentric.
Then one day I walked out of our little house we were renting and stood on the porch. Something seemed off. The air felt dry and stale, which was super weird for the coastal town we were in. I started to wander.
In kind of a marshy area about a mile from our house I ran across a tree house. It was epic in size and looked like it was put together in a hurry. I climbed up and saw brand new chairs and nick-knacks. Also there were bells dancing all around the exits.
It was so whoever was living here would have a warning before everything went to hell. The dead silence of the air was so uncomfortable I just had to find the source. Heading in a direction I knew felt most unsafe, I searched the swamp. I saw a group of people up ahead ( which was weird b/c the town had been empty for at least a full day). Slowly, hiding in the swamp I got around them to see how many there were and what they were up to. All I could tell is they looked like they were all bearing weapons and all of the members of the group looked like they had been buried for at least a year. Awesome, I thought to myself, theres like 30 Wights/Zombies in the most random place ever that we just happened to vacation at. They were odd to explain. Mostly because I knew they were dead and moving as a wight but I could tell they had physical bodies. I ran. As quickly and as quietly as I could and as I was running I ran into a boy, about 17. And man did he have a lot to say. He told me that the barn would be safe and that he was told if this ever happened to never leave that barn. The army was moving slow enough that we had more than enough time to get out of there. also I knew the family back at home would be packing and that they were going to leave a little after sundown. I knew I had time to get to them. Also, the army If they kept moving the direction they were going would just miss them. I ran with the boy to the barn he was talking about. And as I was running I heard a voice that said "don't leave that barn no matter what". We quickly ran down to the barn and hid under some lumber. Unfortunately the boy that was with me hid fairly close to me and despite the fact that I had found an amazing hiding spot he was jabbering on and on and would not stop. I knew it could give away our position but there was nothing that I could do to make him hold his tongue.

Now I'm not going to lie, I'm no writter so this next part may be difficult to explain. But imagine the best you can. We're hiding under some lumber in the barn and all of the sudden I hear heavy breathing. I try as hard as I can to smash myself to the wall and become invisible but the stupid boy's chattering ruined my efforts. Something black and light as a skeleton came smashing through th

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Loving the Angora, Cashmere and Alpaca:)





I love Victoria's Secret clothes. Its everything a woman needs to feel beautiful:)

dreaming isnt always pleasant

As far back as I can remember I've never had a dream that was as awful as the dream I had last night. Usually, I have epic story based dreams full of superpowers and defeating zombies:) Last night while I was dreaming I tried to wake up, knowing I was dreaming. I've also never had a dream that if the content got too intense I couldnt slightly modify it. I feel my dream last night was almost forced on me. My dreaming self was screaming, scratching at my face and pulling my hair trying to pull myself out. I've never woken up so exhasted. The worst part about it is that all the "bad guys" where people I loved and trusted more than anything or anyone else, that would never do the things my mind was making them do. The whole dream felt like a weird mix of a Rob Zombie movie and Hellraiser. Though I wont go into details the storyline was epicly discusting with an increadible soundtrack (just like a Rob Zombie movie). Honestly, I love Rob Zombie's music but hate his movies, they're way too messed up. What's weird is I've never sat through an entire Rob Zombie movie and havent been exposed to anything scary for a long time. Maybe its the halloween spirit in the air or picking out costumes but something in my head went very wrong last night. I guess everyone has bad dreams sometimes. Being a lucid dreamer though made it very very upsetting.

Anyway, Halloween has always been my favorite holliday. I love scary movies, candy and dressing up:) Btw, I strongly recomend "The Crazies" by far the best scary movie ever.

I <3 zombie movies.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mckalle's wedding

need vintage red. and i'm excited.
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