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I love good movies and books. I love talking philosophy on life, death, perspective, and religion. I am a lucid dreamer and think my life wouldnt be complete without an adventure every night:) Zach is my whole life and I can't wait till we can add to our wonderful family:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

happy baby names:)

No,I'm not planning on having a baby any time soon. But being a girl I've always had my ideas on baby names my names I always wanted when I was little were Rose or Aurora for a girl and for a boy I made up the name Vicent not Vincent but Vicent (vi-cent) everyone hates it (especially my husband) lol. But I still have a special place in my heart for it:) High school I started having a love for the name Alice and Maryann, good old fashioned names. Anywho, so I'm still in love with odd names.

Boy: Valiant, Amaris, Avalon, Calix (cay-lix), and Sirius ( I know, I know. But I still like it:)

My all time favorites are: Xander, Atticus and Zachary Thatcher.

Girl: Kaya, Clary, Alice Xa'hara.

All time favorite: Azaylia Suzette Dupaix and Xiley Dupaix