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I love good movies and books. I love talking philosophy on life, death, perspective, and religion. I am a lucid dreamer and think my life wouldnt be complete without an adventure every night:) Zach is my whole life and I can't wait till we can add to our wonderful family:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, I usually write about books that I've read or dreams and such but my interests kinda changes with the wind. "she goes where ever the wind takes her". Since I'm now a married woman I've begun to cook more and more. I just made the most delicious chicken pot pie! Zach and I had fun cutting stars out of it for added cutness:)

Anywho~ I've just started on my birthday cake! I just made the cakes and froze them and colored and homemade the fondant! So fun! Alyssa and Diana are amazing:)The whole cake making is just getting to be so exciting!

here are my adorable frozen cakes and...

here is my fondant! blue for the top tier and yellow for the bottom! I'm SO excited!


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  1. Yay I can't wait for your cake and that chicken pot pie looks delicious!!! Now I need to steal a recipe from you!