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I love good movies and books. I love talking philosophy on life, death, perspective, and religion. I am a lucid dreamer and think my life wouldnt be complete without an adventure every night:) Zach is my whole life and I can't wait till we can add to our wonderful family:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

curiouser and curiouser

Sometimes. . . (as in two nights ago) I have these bizarre dreams that consist of just straight emotion. Not really any images, just an overwhelming emotion. Usually associated with a color or sound.

This particular dream that I had two nights ago was super odd. I was in an awful state of confusion and the only image I could grasp was my wedding ring. And as weird as it sounds I couldn't remember who I was or were I was or who the ring was connected to. My heart was hurting it was so lonely and I couldn't for the life of me remember who or how to find the person that I yearned for. And honestly that was the whole dream. Yearning, confusion, loneliness, and a broken heart. All with an awesome pink hue. It was rather distressing. Luckily I was awakened suddenly by Zach grabbing me to cuddle.

Its interesting the things that the subconscious dwells on and what it plays out in dreams. The fears that it plays out. Sorting out what I would do if i ever was stuck in such a place or in such a situation. What's weird is that Zach and I are doing great. I wonder if its because we're doing so great that I worry and that worry is played out in dreams. Its also strange that the only thing that I usually remember with dreams is the dominate feeling of it. And that odd feeling can follow me all day if I allow it.
Some times its hard to shake...

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